DuraStor/HOST participants

In 2010, a multi-partner, multi-year research program called Low Cost, Durable Thermoplastic Hydrogen Storage Tanks, or DuraStor, was formed to address these problems by investigating a drop-in replacement for Type IV tanks. A UK-only program called Hydrogen – Optimisation of Storage and Transfer (HOST) picked up where DuraStor left off in mid-2014. These were the participants.


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DuraStor program members and responsibilities (2010-2014):

·      EPL Composite Solutions (Loughborough, U.K.) — project lead, consolidation of vessel structures.

·      Delta Motorsport Ltd. (Northants, U.K.) — market research and development of case-study design.

·      Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, U.K.) — stress analysis, life-cycle analysis, recycling opportunities.

·      Element Materials Technology Hitchin Ltd. (Hitchin, U.K.) — testing of target materials and prototype vessels, identifying suitable organizations to conduct dangerous tests outside its own expertise (e.g., fire and penetration testing); high-pressure permeation testing using hydrogen for the rotomolded liner samples, mechanical tests (quasi-static and fatigue) on all materials; accelerated aging tests and rapid gas decompression (RGD) tests to assess the effects of rapid depressurization on the liner materials.

·      Celanese Corp. (Dallas, Texas) — development and supply of vessel materials.

·      Crompton Mouldings Ltd. (West Yorkshire, U.K.) — rotomolding tooling and rotomolded cylinder liners.

·      CTG Ltd. (Banbury, U.K.) — filament winding of vessel overwrap.


2014-2017 HOST program members:

·      EPL Composite Solutions — see above.

·      Element Materials Technology Hitchin Ltd. — see above.

·      Crompton Mouldings Ltd. — see above.

·      Jonam Composites Ltd. (Mansfield, U.K.) — supplier of composite tape.

·      JRE Precision Ltd. (Leicestershire, U.K.) — supplier of tank hardware.