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Dassault Inmotion - Wind Turbine Analysis Demonstration

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ESI demonstrates conceptual grid design on wind turbine grid

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Featuring ESI

• Demonstration of conceptual grid design on wind turbine grid – Featuring ESI

  • BCL, Frame stations from Master Data File, Interface Control Model, etc…
  • Publish the IML or Thickness of the Panel
  • Parametrize wireframe to facilitate Design Change propagation
  • Use Federated Joins as OML surface to prepare some scenarios
  • Ex. Swap of BCL
  • Prevents the use of internal edges of the OML
  • Detailed Design on Blade
  • Plies Creation & Modification, Solid, Data Query, Documentation

• Composite Properties Transfer from CATIA V5 CPD to Abaqus CAE

• Resin Transfer Molding Solution Demonstration

• PAM-RTM software

  • Simulation of injection / infusion processes
  • Test and optimize the injection strategy
  • Automatic computation of material properties from CPD definition of the part

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