CW Talks catches up with Tom Lemire

CW Talks: The Composites Podcast chats with composites industry veteran Tom Lemire, whose experience ranges from selling Owens Corning glass fiber to Toho Tenax carbon fiber. 


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CW Talks Tom Lemire and B-2 bomber.

Tom Lemire’s long career in composites involved supplying carbon fiber for Northrop Grumman’s B-2 bomber.


Composites industry and carbon fiber veteran Tom Lemire started his career in the late 1960s at Owens Corning, helping manufacturers learn the value of glass fiber composites. Over the years he wound through jobs with BASF and eventually Toho Tenax, along the way even supplying carbon fiber for the B-2 bomber. 

CW Talks: The Composites Podcast, talks to Lemire about his career, lessons learned, the evolution of composites, and his view of what the future might hold. 


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