CW Talks catches up with Chuck Miller

The founder of tooling board manufacturer Coastal Enterprises explains how he went from engineering solutions for the the Saturn V rocket launch vehicle in the mid-1960s to making polyurethane boards for tool proofing.


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Coastal Enterprise’s Chuck Miller.

Coastal Enterprises’ Chuck Miller.

One of the newest episodes of CW Talks: The Composites Podcast, catches up with Chuck Miller, founder and president of California-based polyurethane tooling board manufacturer Coastal Enterprises.

Miller explains how he started as an engineer in the mid-1960s, working on development of the Saturn V launch vehicle, which would eventually take astronauts to the moon. When that program ended, and still with a family to support, Miller took polyurethane foam technology he worked with on the Saturn program and turned it into a business opportunity — one that is still thriving today. 

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Workers spray polyurethane foam onto the Saturn V S-2 section.

Workers spray polyurethane foam onto the Saturn V S-2 section.


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