Comptek's consumer adhesive spin-off



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When technicians involved in Aero Solutions LLC’s (Boulder, Colo.) repair projects reported that resin residue left in the bags that contained the company’s glass/polyurethane protective wraps was “great for gluing stuff,” parent conpy Comptek Structural Composites’ CEO Jim Lockwood decided to try bottling it. The resin, minus its UV inhibitor, is now marketed under the name “Bolder Bond,” a take-off on Comptek’s Boulder location. Reportedly similar to Gorilla Glue and other consumer adhesives, but with less tendency to expand during the cure cycle, the product has seen successful sales through a distributor, Lockwood claims, and is available in Colorado-area retail hardware stores. More information is available here.

This short article is a sidebar to a feature story titled "Composites the clear choice in telecom tower rehabs." To read that article, click on its title under "Editor's Picks" at top right.