CompositesWorld needs you

CompositesWorld is launching the CW Operations Survey, designed to help us (and you) understand where and how the composites industry is evolving. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.


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I’ll be brief: CompositesWorld needs your help. We are launching this week the inaugural CW Operations Survey, designed to help us — and you — better understand how the world of composites is evolving. 

Questions focus on how much of your business is based on composites manufacturing, how much growth you expect in the next year, what markets your facility serves, what kinds of materials you use, processes you run, etc. 

For this survey to be meaningful, however, we need composites professionals (you) to complete it. Some of you will receive a direct email invitation to complete the survey, but anyone who works in composites can take it. Just click on this link:

CW 2017 Operations Survey

Participation is anonymous and, as a bonus, CW will share results with you. We plan to make this an annual survey, and I hope your participation becomes annual as well. Thank you in advance for your help.