CompositesWorld 2012: Materials, Markets, Manufacturing at a glance

Appears in Print as: 'CW 2012: MMM'

A quick look at the tentative schedule for the CompositesWorld 2012: Materials, Markets, Manufacturing conference is colocated with SAMPE Tech 2012 (Oct. 22-23, 2012, Charleston Convention Center, North Charleston, S.C.).  


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CompositesWorld 2012: Materials, Markets, Manufacturing

Colocated with SAMPE Tech 2012

October 22-23, 2012

Charleston Convention Center

North Charleston, South Carolina


Confirmed presentations (in alpha order) and speakers, to date, include:


Abilities and Limitations of Automated Fiber Placement

Bill Hasenjager/CGTech


Automated dry fiber placement for infused composites

David Maass/Danobat


Commingled carbon fiber/thermoplastic fiber drapable prepregs

Randal Spencer/Concordia Manufacturing LLC


Composites Market Opportunities in China

Sanjay Mazumdar/Lucintel


Optimizing machining for composites

Alex Harding/Cajero Ltd.


Optimizing materials selection in automotive and aerospace structures

Ross Kozarsky/Lux Research Inc.



Lutz Heinig/Karl Mayer North America:


Reducing styrene emissions

Eric Koettker/Dixie Chemical Co.


Editor’s note: Conference agendas are still in the formative stages and some speakers and presentation subject matter may change. Stay current by visiting http://www.compsotesworld.com/conferences.