Composites in infrastructure getting serious attention

ACMA's traditional look at composites in corrosion applications is expanding to include mining, architecture and infrastructure, May 15-16 in Denver, Colo.


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The American Composites Manufacturers Assn.'s (ACMA) corrosion conference has long been a staple of composites industry each spring. This year, however, the scope of the event is expanding, and rightfully so, to include infrastructure, architecture and mining. 

The event is now titled 2013 Corrosion, Mining and Infrastructure Conference and will be held May 15-16 at the Denver Tech Center Marriott in Denver, Colo., USA.

As the composites industry matures and evolves, the challenges and technical requirements from end market to end market are becoming increasingly common. Thus the demands placed on composites in corrosion are also found in construction and mining and architecture. It only makes sense, then, that this event expand its reach to cover more common territory.

The keynoter of the opening general session will be John Busel, director, Composites Growth Initiative, ACMA. His talk, "Composites Must Dig Down to Open New Markets," will focus on the need to invest in new materials, tests, and standards to give design engineers the tools they need to help composites move into new applications.

The keynote speaker on May 15 will be Greg Lynn, owner of Greg Lynn FORM. The title of his presentation is "A Vision for the Future of Composites in Architecture: Where We Go From Here and Why."

Presentation topics include:

  • Composites in building codes
  • Fire performance vs. building codes
  • Using composites with traditional materials
  • Composites in extraction plants
  • Designing for corrosion resistance
  • Composites in storage tanks
  • Design of dual-laminate vessels
  • Composites inspections
  • Composites in bridge elements
  • Telecom towers and composites
  • Infrastructure repair with composites
  • Sustainable infrastructre rehab