CAMX 2014 keynote transcends aerospace and automotive



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CAMX 2014 officially starts on Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 9:30 a.m. in the Valencia Ballroom with the General Session and keynote address. The keynote for the inaugural CAMX will be presented by Kevin Mickey, president of renowned aerocomposites pioneer Scaled Composites (Mojave, Calif., USA).

Mickey will share his ideas and perspectives from one of the most innovative companies in the composites industry. He is expected to highlight his experiences managing and leading to instill an entrepreneurial drive and culture at Scaled Composites, which developed and manfuactured for Virgin Galactic SpaceShipOne and SpaceShipTwo, the latter of which will soon begin ferrying passengers into space on low-Earth orbit (LOE) excursions. SpaceShipTwo will be ferried for part of its journey by WhiteKnightTwo/Virgin MotherShip Eve; both craft feature signifcant use of carbon fiber composites.

Mickey will also discuss the future of the composites and advanced materials industry, possibilities for transitioning aerospace-quality materials into an automotive-style production process and price point, and how the industry can approach traditional material users on the conversion to composites.

He will also describe Scaled Composites' approach to composite design and manufacturing, which centers on creating collaborative project teams and an environment "unlimited by aversion to risk," where "dreaming it" and "building it" is not only possible, but is said to be standard operating procedure.

Scaled Composites was founded Burt Rutan, one of the few people to receive awards from both ACMA and SAMPE.