CAMX 2016 Exhibitor Previews: Part 2

CAMX, in its third year, is growing and expanding, and the quantity and quality of new products and technologies being introduced at the show is impressive. CAMX Connection asked exhibitors to tell us about the products they will feature, and the response has been tremendous. This week features Part 2 of 2 of the CAMX 2016 Exhibitor Previews.
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CAMX, in its third year, is growing and expanding, and the quantity and quality of new products and technologies being introduced at the show is impressive. CAMX Connection asked exhibitors to tell us about the products they will feature, and the response has been tremendous. This week features Part 2 of the CAMX 2016 Exhibitor Previews. 

The below list includes exhibitor name, a description of the technology or product being featured and a link to additional information. The exhibit hall at CAMX features more than 550 exhibitors offering a range of products, including resins, fiber reinforcements, machinery, tooling material, software, fabrication services, training services and more.

CAMX will be held Sept. 26-29, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. Exhibit floor hours are 9:30 am-5:00 pm, Tuesday, Sept. 27 and Wednesday, Sept. 28. Exhibit floor hours are 9:30 am-1:00 pm on Thursday, Sept. 29.

For more information about CAMX, including conference schedule, exhibitor list and registration, visit www.thecamx.org.

  • Adhesive Systems: Methacrylate adhesive systems.
  • Adwest Technologies: Thermal oxidizers for VOC control.
  • Akarmak: Autoclaves, up to 5m diameter, 50m long.
  • Beijing Composite Materials: Pultruded composites.
  • Beijing Jiapeng Machinery: Advanced composites fabrication services
  • Bostik: Hot melt adhesives as well as web and film adhesives.
  • CNAM Center/CAPE Lab, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology: Contract research and education center.
  • Composite Alliance: Tooling solutions, custom machinery, process optimization services.
  • Composites Europe: Germany-based composites trade show.
  • Coosa Composites LLC: Structural and non-structural composite panels.
  • CPIC Fiberglass: E-glass and other glass fiber products.
  • Dantec Dynamics: Laser shearography systems for non-destructive testing.
  • E.V. Roberts: Distributor of adhesives, sealants and surface treatments.
  • ELG Carbon Fibre: Recycled carbon fiber reinforcements and nonwovens.
  • Ellsworth Adhesives: Adhesives, specialty chemicals for aerospace applications.
  • Engineering Technology: Small, lightweight desktop winder.
  • FEI: Software for industrial inspection operations.
  • Freeman Manufacturing & Supply: Modeling and tooling boards.
  • Gabriel Performance Products: Epoxy additives.
  • Globe Plastics: Aerospace composites manufacturing services.
  • Hall Composites: Aerospace composites manufacturing services.
  • HELD Technologie: High-performance, isobaric, double-belt presses.
  • High-Performance Products: High-performance mold releases.
  • HOS Technik: High-temperature resins, monomers, reactive diluents and microbeads.
  • Laguna Tools: CNC machining centers.
  • LEUCO Telecon: PCD diamond-tipped, diamond abrasive and CVD diamond-coated cutting tools.
  • Lindau Chemicals: Anhydride curing agents.
  • Lingrove: Natural fiber-reinforced composites.
  • LMG: Hydraulic presses.
  • Lucintel: Composites market analysis and consulting services.
  • M.C. Gill Composites Center/University of Southern California: Fundamental and applied composites research.
  • Matec Instruments: Ultrasonic testing systems.
  • Material Sciences Corp.: Specialty composites manufacturing services.
  • MIKROSAM: Automated tape laying and fiber placement equipment.
  • NDT Systems: Ultrasonic testing systems.
  • Nederman: Environmental control systems.
  • Netzsch Instruments North America: Thermal analysis equipment.
  • Niabraze: Superabrasive electroplated and brazed products for cutting, milling and grinding.
  • North Star Imaging: Computed tomography systems.
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory: 3D printing technologies, research and development services.
  • Olmar: Autoclaves up to 10m diameter, 50m long.
  • Omya: Ground and precipitated calcium carbonate.
  • PakSense: Temperature monitoring solutions.
  • Penso Group: Specialty tooling and fabrication services.
  • Phoenix Inspection Systems: Ultrasonic, non-destructive testing scanners and transducers.
  • Powerblanket: Resin curing blankets.
  • Reinhold Industries: Composites and metals fabricator.
  • REXCO: Mold release agents.
  • RobbJack: PCD drill tools.
  • Royce International: Cycloaliphatic epoxy resins and aliphatic curing agents.
  • Rubbercraft: Extractable bladder tooling technology.
  • Sanders Composites: Composites manufacturing services.
  • Shikoku Chemicals: Imidazole curing agents for epoxy resins.
  • Sicomin Epoxy Systems: Specialty epoxy matrix resins.
  • SikaAkson US: Epoxy resin matrix systems.
  • STELIA Aerospace North America: Aerospace composites manufacturing services.
  • Stiles Machinery: 5-axis machining centers.
  • Technology Design: Multi-probe and phased array ultrasonic systems for non-destructive evaluation.
  • Tiger-Vac: Dust mitigation vacuum systems.
  • Tiodize: Composite fasteners.
  • T Plates Global: Sandwich structures design and manufacture.
  • UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design: Composite architectural structures.
  • Unicomposite Technology: Fiberglass pultrusion and pullwound services.
  • Uni-ram: UV and infrared curing systems.
  • Ventilation Solutions: Ventilation systems for composites manufacturing operations.
  • Virtek/Gerber Technology: Laser projection and cutting table systems.
  • YXLON: Metrology and inspection systems.


  • Is the BMW 7 Series the future of autocomposites?

    BMW AG's Dingolfing, Germany, auto manufacturing facility is well known for churning out a variety of car models and types, and the 7 Series is among them, famous for its steel/aluminum/composites construction. Does this car represent the optimum of composites use in vehiicles? This plant tour of the Dingolfing plant looks at how composites on the 7 Series come together.

  • Ceramic matrix composites: Hot engine solution

    Disruptive designs for composites operation in 1093°C zones.

  • Composites recycling becomes a necessity

    Boeing and Airbus each is generating as much as a 1 million lb of cured and uncured carbon fiber prepreg waste each year from 787 and A350 XWB production. If you include the entire supply chain for these planes, the total is closer to 4 million lb/year. And with the automotive industry poised to consume (and waste) more carbon fiber than ever, recycling of composite materials has become an absolute necessity. The technology is there, but the markets are not. Yet.