Applying UV-curable powder coatings to composites

Keyland Polymer UV Powder reviews the features, benefits and applications of its UV-curable powder coatings in a composites manufacturing environment.


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Keyland Polymer UV Powder (Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.), a developer, formulator and manufacturer of UV-curable powder coatings that instantly cure with UV light energy, in this Digital Demo reviews the benefits and application of UV powder coatings in a composites fabrication environment. UV powder coatings are a safe, solvent-free and energy-efficient coating system suitable for a variety of heat-sensitive substrates including composites, plastics and wood as well as traditional metals. This coat and cure Demo introduces UV-cured powder coatings and the advantages of the technology.

The presentation includes the use of UV-cured powder coatings integrated with HP MJF (multi-jet fusion) technology to produce a 3D printed drone body component. Keyland Polymer’s R&D chemist demonstrates the plasma pretreatment process used to prepare the surface, followed by UV-cured powder coating application and UV curing. The demo ends with an adhesion test of the finished drone body.

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Photo Credit: Keyland Polymer