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Published: 7/1/2010

Digital design, RTM update aircraft propeller
Second-generation type-certified propeller delivers for Cirrus Aircraft’s SR-22 at a more affordable price.

Published: 12/4/2009

RTM showcase: One-Piece Rudder
A transatlantic design team uses concurrent engineering to integrate rudder spars, ribs and skins in a single RTM cycle.  

Published: 6/12/2009

Composite engine valves?
 HPC technical editor Sara Black reports progress on CFRP intake and exhaust valves for race car engines.

Published: 10/6/2008

High-Volume Preforming for Automotive Application
 More than a dozen parts for four Aston Martin models are mass produced in France using Ford Motor Co.'s optimized Programmable Preforming Process and resin transfer molding.

Published: 7/1/2006

Composite spoilers brake Airbus for landing
New RTM'd carbon composite center hinge fitting withstands 20-ton air load in commercial jet spoiler assembly.