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Published: 5/1/2005

Composite fan blade containment case
Innovative use of carbon-fiber braid yields a ductile structure that resists blade impact.

Published: 1/1/2005

Carbon fiber raises consumer performance index
Carbon bridges gap between large-volume sporting goods and aerospace to satisfy discriminating tastes in consumer and professional markets.

Published: 11/1/2004

Are high-temp thermosets ready to go commercial?
Developed for the U.S. military, these high-performance matrices are branching out into wider use.

Published: 9/1/2004

Carbon composites move beyond racing yachts into commercial and military marine applications.
Marine carbon composites move beyond racing yachts into commercial and military vessels.

Published: 7/1/2004

Post-show review of the 2004 U.S. SAMPE Symposium
Largest-ever Symposium serves up a large helping of news and new technologies from advanced composites suppliers.

Published: 7/1/2004

Resin transfer molding and preforms for jet engine stators
New 3-D woven preforms and nanofillers will improve part quality and reduce manufacturing costs.

Published: 5/1/2004

Newer surfacing films reduce surface on demolded composite parts
A wide variety of products reduces finishing costs in many applications.

Published: 5/1/2004

Composites combat ready in UCAVs
As unmanned aircraft are designed from inception for combat duty, composites will carry the payloads in structural components.

Published: 3/1/2004

Advances in sizings and surface treatments for carbon fibers
As carbon reinforcements find new applications, unfamiliar processes and resin systems make sizing and treatment surprisingly hot topics.

Published: 3/1/2004

Composite rib structure for Airbus A380 vertical tail
Fabricator exceeds Airbus performance requirements with hand layed rib truss structure for A380.