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Published: 3/1/2018

JEC World 2018 preview: Solvay
Solvay (Hall 5, L42) is featuring composite materials and specialty polymers through several applications, including resin infusion for aerospace primary structures, Double Diaphragm Forming (DDF) rapid part manufacture, rapid-cure prepregs and Recy...

Published: 2/28/2018

JEC World 2018 preview: NTPT
NTPT, specialists in thin ply prepregs, preforms and parts and experts in automation technology, is showcasing a range of thin ply solutions, with particular focus on tubes, blocks and structural components.

Published: 2/28/2018

JEC World 2018 preview: Krempel
Progress for 3D components – new prepreg system from KREMPEL

Published: 2/28/2018

JEC World 2018 preview: Hexcel
Hexcel (Hall 5, J41) is featuring products for customer applications in aerospace, automotive, wind energy and marine markets.

Published: 2/28/2018

JEC World 2018 preview: Cygnet Teximp
Fiber handling and processing company Cygnet Texkimp is unveiling its high-tolerance reverse roll coating machine and invites manufacturers in the high-end prepreg market to take part in secure trials of the technology.

Published: 2/28/2018

JEC World 2018 preview: Cevotec
Scalable SAMBA systems now ready for prepreg

Published: 2/16/2018

Toho Tenax hybrid prepreg combines carbon fiber, CNT
New high-tensile, highly shock-resistant prepreg incorporates carbon fiber developed for aerospace applications and specialized carbon nanotubes.

Published: 10/24/2017

Norplex-Micarta launches EnableX prepreg
Norplex-Micarta (Postville, IA, US) has introduced EnableX, a continuous fiber prepreg that can be co-cured in a multimaterial molding system to produce near net shapes.

Published: 4/20/2017

PRF introduces epoxy prepreg systems
PRF Composite Materials (Poole, Dorset, UK) has launched three new epoxy prepreg systems.

Published: 3/31/2017

SGL Group launches lightweighting toolbox
SGL Group (Wiesbaden, Germany) has introduced a new lightweighting material toolbox that includes prepregged semi-finished products based on a rapid-curing epoxy resin developed in-house.