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Published: 6/3/2013

E-CR glass roving
Fiberglass manufacturer 3B-the fibreglass co.’s new E-CR glass roving, SE4740, is designed for acrylic resins.

Published: 6/3/2013

Reactive glass fiber for thermoplastic composites
At JEC Europe 2013, Johns Manville said its new, engineered reactive glass fiber is expected to improve performance in structural thermoplastic composite applications.

Published: 4/9/2013

Rapid wetout E-glass fibers
PPG Industries introduces new E-glass fibers designed to improve fiber performance in a variety of structural and chemical environments.

Published: 4/9/2013

New multi-end glass roving
Owens Corning Composite Materials introduces its reengineered OptiSpray multi-end glass roving, based on Advantex glass fiber.

Published: 1/8/2013

Glass/epoxy tubing system
New from Norplex-Micarta is RT130X, a high-strength tubing composed of a glass fabric with an epoxy resin system.

Published: 1/8/2013

Glass, carbon facesheets for transport structures
LAMILUX has developed new premium composite materials for large-surface applications in lightweight vehicle construction.

Published: 11/12/2012

High tensile modulus glass fiber
Glass fiber manufacturer AGY has developed a new glass fiber with an unprecedented tensile modulus of 99 GPa/14,359 ksi.

Published: 8/23/2012

Prepreg for wind blade spar caps
SparPreg, featuring Airstream coating technology, is a specialized prepreg developed by Gurit to enable the economic manufacture of high-quality unidirectional (UD) wind blade spar caps using advanced glass and carbon fibers.

Published: 7/31/2012

Unidirectional fabrics
Victrex Polymer Solutions, a manufacturer of polyaryletherketones, and Tissa Glasweberei AG, a producer of continuous fiber glass weaving techniques, have co-developed composite fabrics to be marketed under Tissa’s brand name TIXPREF.

Published: 6/18/2012

Engineered Fibers Technology announces new fiber products
Engineered Fibers Technology has announced that it can now supply PEI fibers, spun from Ultem resin by Kuraray Co. Ltd., in precision short-cut and staple lengths to its U.S. customers.