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Published: 6/2/2014

Thermoforming press
At JEC Europe 2014, Siempelkamp, a Krefeld, Germany-based supplier of high-performance presses and handling systems for fiber-reinforced composites since 1993, touted its recently developed a 2,000-ton press for thermoforming sheet molding compound ...

Published: 6/2/2014

Economical press molding
Dieffenbacher’s (Eppingen, Germany) Compress Lite made its debut at JEC Europe 2014.

Published: 6/2/2014

High volume, in autoclave
Globe Machine Manufacturing Co. (Tacoma, Wash.) announced the launch of RapidClave 2, its second-generation technology that provides autoclave-processing capabilities in a machine that operates significantly faster than traditional autoclaves.

Published: 2/17/2014

Hybrid carbon fiber/glass fiber reinforcement
Quantum Composites has introduced its first hybrid carbon fiber/glass fiber material, suitable for compression molding in automotive, heavy truck, medical, sporting goods and industrial applications.

Published: 10/3/2013

Compression shuttle press
LMG has introduced its largest-ever shuttle press.

Published: 6/3/2013

High-speed compression molding for automotive
Cannon SpA introduced at JEC Europe 2013 its new Liquid Lay-down process, a high-speed compression molding technology marketed as an alternative to resin transfer molding (RTM) for the manufacture of automotive parts and structures.

Published: 7/31/2012

Hybrid, RTM technology advancements
Molding technologies developer RocTool reports two new advances.

Published: 6/1/2012

Preform shaping machinery
Dieffenbacher introduced the PreformCenter, capable of fully automated production of dry, dimensionally stable 3-D carbon fiber preforms.

Published: 2/14/2012

Laboratory press
Fontijne Presses (Itasca, Ill., USA) has introduced the LabEcon series 150/300/600, a line of laboratory presses.

Published: 11/30/2011

Radio-frequency SMC preheater
Radio Frequency Co. Inc. has developed the Macrowave SMC Preheater, a new preheating system for sheet molding compound (SMC) that uses radio-frequency heating technology to enhance the distribution of reinforcement fibers in the molding process.