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Published: 12/3/2009

Shear test methods: Iosipescu vs. V-Notched Rail
Dr. Don Adams asks and suggests a likely answer to the question Which shear test method is best?

Published: 6/23/2009

Compression platens and subpresses
 Dr. Don Adams discusses the use of compression platens (fixed and spherical seat) and subpresses to ensure reliable test frame operation.

Published: 4/17/2009

Neat resin specimen fabrication aids

Published: 11/1/2006

Sandwich panel flexure testing
Dr. Donald F. Adams (Wyoming Test Fixtures (Salt Lake City, Utah) comments on the composite materials testing community's move toward the use of the terms "long beam flexure" and "short beam flexure" when addressing sandwich panel testing.

Published: 11/1/2005

Flexure test methods
The three fundamental mechanical property characterization tests of materials are tension, compression and shear. Note that flexure is not included. This article addresses some of the reasons why. When a beam resting on supports near its ends is loa...