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Published: 7/8/2019

Inaugural National Composites Week to recognize, promote and celebrate composites manufacturing
From Aug. 26-30, 2019, composites manufacturers are encouraged to use social media, traditional media and in-person events to shine a light on the industry.

Published: 6/20/2019

GKN Aerospace thermoplastic composites featured on Bell V-280 Valor
The thermoplastic composite components will be used for a demonstrator of the military V-tail aircraft.

Published: 6/20/2019

Boeing forecasts $8.7 trillion aerospace and defense market through 2028
Boeing’s market outlook includes a $3.1 trillion projected demand for commercial airplanes, as operators replace older jets with more fuel-efficient models.

Published: 6/14/2019

AMRC, Tinsley Bridge develop metal-composite anti-roll bar for trucks and trains
Innovate UK project achieved 65% weight reduction via CFRP stabilizer bar and now tests for service performance and durability.

Published: 6/13/2019

Airbus Albatross features flapping wings made from composites
Airbus demonstrates first in-flight, flapping wing-tips that could revolutionize aircraft wing and wing box design.

Published: 6/13/2019

Marshall Aerospace and Defence 3D-prints aerospace parts
The company is using Stratasys 3D printers for prototype and production parts using composites and other advanced materials.

Published: 6/11/2019

Raytheon to merge with United Technologies Corp.
The new company, Raytheon Technologies Corp., will combine defense and aerospace capabilities from both companies.

Published: 6/6/2019

F-35 fleet surpasses 200,000 flight hours, 400th F-35 delivered
The 400th production aircraft is a U.S. Air Force F-35A, to be delivered to Hill Air Force Base, Utah by Lockheed Martin and the F-35 Joint Program Office.

Published: 5/28/2019

Lockheed Martin selects iBASEt digital manufacturing solution
The digital manufacturing suite will be used for tracking prepreg out time on Lockheed Martin’s defense aircraft applications, among other manufacturing operations.

Published: 5/27/2019

DARPA presents TFF program for low-cost composites for defense
Results reviewed at SAMPE 2019 show new materials and side-by-side comparisons of thermoset, thermoplastic, HP-RTM and press-forming, including PtFS molding cell.