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Published: 9/1/2014

SAMPE Seattle 2014 Report
The Society’s reconfigured Spring advanced materials event in Seattle, Wash., attracts speakers, exhibitors and attendees in large numbers and international dimensions.

Published: 9/1/2014

CFK-Valley Stade 2014 Conference Report
Always a technical-paper gold mine, this local event, in 2014, was determined to expand its sphere of composites influence.

Published: 9/1/2014

Destroyer deckhouse roof meets U.S. Navy fire code with phenolic composite
An all-composite deckhouse superstructure, built by Huntington Ingalls Industries (Gulfport, Miss.) cuts topside weight and enables stealth capability by reducing the radar signature of the U.S. Navy’s new, nearly $4 billion (USD) Zumwalt-clas...

Published: 7/1/2014

Aerospace and industrial next-gen advanced composites: A two-way street?
The head of his own consulting company and the president of Dayton, Ohio-based Quickstep Composites, the U.S. subsidiary of Australia-based Quickstep Technologies (Bankstown Airport, New South Wales), HPC columnist Dale Brosius sees “aerospace” and ...

Published: 4/30/2014

SAMPE Tech Seattle 2014 at a glance
A short compilation of SAMPE Tech Seattle 2014 program highlights.

Published: 4/30/2014

SAMPE Tech Seattle 2014 Preview
The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering’s annual fall Tech conference is now a spring event.

Published: 3/3/2014

Carbon Fiber 2013 Conference Report
Opportunities knock in Knoxville: CF 2013 featured nearly 30 speakers and almost 300 attendees, representing a wide range of participating industry, government and academic organizations.

Published: 12/31/2012

Cutting and laser layup technology supports tier fabricator in Boeing project
Prototype production for The Boeing Co.’s (Chicago. Ill.) Enhanced Medium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance System (EMARSS) aircraft gets a boost from cutting and templating hardware/software supplied by Gerber Technology (Tolland, Conn...

Published: 3/31/2012

Handgun holsters: Thermoplastic composites target extreme performance
Safariland LLC (Ontario, Calif.), produces gun holsters, previously made of leather, from a proprietary composite that relies on a custom-formulated thermoplastic sheet product from Boltaron Performance Products LLC (Newcomerstown, Ohio)

Published: 2/29/2012

Carbon fiber market: Gathering momentum
All signs point to increasing demand from many market sectors. Will capacity keep pace?