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Published: 11/2/2012

Infusion of aerostructures: Doubling down on the details
For this carbon-fiber composite manufacturer, little things make big differences in a not-quite-new but still novel double-bag infusion technique.

Published: 11/1/2012

Carbon is the choice for amphibious LSA floats
Superlight, landing-gear-equipped design gives light sport aircraft builders an option for land and water.

Published: 9/4/2012

Sixth Element: Lamborghini accelerates CFRP
The automaker’s R&D centers in Italy and the U.S. implement aerospace-inspired design philosophy to radically enhance the use — and the benefits — of CFRP.

Published: 8/1/2012

Composites as costume: Manga masterpieces
Sophisticated design meets composite materials and manufacturing in cosplay application.

Published: 7/2/2012

CFRP seats and interior: Sitting pretty
Flexible carbon fiber-based fabrics complement high-tech Forged Composite seats in one-of-a-kind Lamborghini supercar.

Published: 7/1/2012

Infused CFRP: New One-Design paradigm
The Farr 400 opens a new frontier in Grand Prix sail racing, with greater precision at lower cost.

Published: 7/1/2012

Advanced hockey stick design delivers optimal performance
Carbon fiber composites and an innovative new resin system play key roles in the design of an elite-level stick.

Published: 5/31/2012

Big museum, big structures
Massive aramid/carbon composite sandwich panels make Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum the largest composite-clad building in the world.

Published: 5/1/2012

Integrated, optimized aircraft door
This composites manufacturer is betting its one-piece 3-D preform and RTM process will trim weight from today’s fastener-intensive “black aluminum” aircraft doors.

Published: 2/29/2012

Forged composites replace complex metal parts
Powerhouse manufacturer’s high-pressure compression molding process forms prepregged CFRP components with forged-metal properties.