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Published: 3/31/2012

Commercial ground transport: A very present opportunity
Industry consultant Bob Lacovara, principal at Convergent Composites (Perkasie, Pa.) and the former technical director of the American Composites Manufacturers Assn., argues for an automotive sector composites-for-metal conversion harvest in the rip...

Published: 1/2/2012

Automotive evolution or real revolution?
HPC's editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan asks, Are efforts by BMW and GM to put carbon composites in cars a harbinger of things to come, as we hope, or flashes in the pan?

Published: 11/30/2010

Fuel cells (finally) set to power composites growth
Fuel cells and related technologies will form a sizable new market as they move past the phase of demonstration projects, overcome longstanding technology hurdles and gain momentum in their progress toward affordability.

Published: 7/30/2010

That "new car" smell: Sniffing out the regulatory trends
Environmental consultant Pat Hooper contends that growing concern about auto interior air quality is the elephant in the room that the composites industry can't afford to ignore.

Published: 6/19/2009

A vision for carbon fiber in the automotive market
 Dr. Kalyan Sehanobish shares a vision for carbon fiber in the automotive market.