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Published: 6/29/2016

Recycled carbon fiber: Its time has come
Impressive industry growth puts a new emphasis on the role of carbon fiber recycling.

Published: 5/25/2016

Gardner Business Index at 46.3 in April
Another uptrend in future capital spending plans points to an increase in capital equipment investment.

Published: 4/29/2016

Gardner Business Index at 50.0 in March
New orders and production are up. Capital spending plans foreshadow equipment investments.

Published: 3/30/2016

Gardner Business Index at 50.8 in February
New orders, production and future business expectations go up as small- and medium-sized fabricators see welcome expansion.

Published: 3/30/2016

The composites super cycle — are we still living the dream?
Predicted before the 2008 recessionary crash, the super cycle’s foundations were to be built on an increasing use of composites in aircraft. How did it play out?

Published: 2/25/2016

Gardner Business Index at 43.4 in January
Mid-sized U.S. production facilities expand; capital spending plans reach second highest level since August 2015.

Published: 2/25/2016

“Give us affordable carbon fiber!”
Guest columnist Dan Pichler, managing director of CarbConsult GmbH, suggests that the we need a sustained, cooperative effort in the carbon fiber supply chain. Partnering is the key.

Published: 1/28/2016

Recyclable composites must still be reused
Fresh from the IACMI's recent Detroit conclave, CW editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan notes the attendees' admirable commitment to ensure that the carbon fiber composites we build today will be recyclable tomorrow, but asks who will be there, as those produ...

Published: 1/1/2016

Carbon Fiber: Refiguring the supply/demand equation
CW editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan returns from Carbon Fiber 2015 in Knoxville TN, US, with news that carbon fiber demand will outstrip supply by 2020, prompting expansion in the 2018-2019 timeframe that could include sources in China.

Published: 12/29/2015

CW Ideas in Action
Ideas are just ideas until someone does the hard work of putting them into action and seeing results. CW's editors, therefore, inaugurate an annual review of Ideas in Action, celebrating a handful of hot concepts that could make those who concei...