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Published: 2/4/2013

Boeing's new Salt Lake City facility to have MTorres equipment
Contour tape layer machines will be up and running by mid-2014.

Published: 11/26/2012

AFP/laser projection integration a first
Operators reportedly can use a single interface to seamlessly monitor and control both the AFP machine and the laser projection system.

Published: 10/8/2012

Austrian aerospace composites supplier FACC installs ATL from MAG IAS
The Ried im Innkreis, Austra-based Tier 1 manufacturer Fischer Advanced Composites Components AG acquires a MAG IAS (Hebron, Ky.) CHARGER, a small, automated tape laying system, and MAG's modular ACES software.

Published: 5/30/2012

Automated Dynamics delivers fiber placement head to AMRC
Automated Dynamics' new interchangeable fiber placement head will be used on the fiber placement robot that was already supplied by AD; the four-tow, quarter-inch head will be used in research at the University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing ...

Published: 5/4/2012

Ingersoll, Lockheed Martin to cooperate on fiber placement software
Funding help from Lockheed Martin will allow Ingersoll to develop CPS2, machine-independent software for the programming of automated fiber placement equipment for composites manufacturing.

Published: 4/23/2012

Automated Dynamics wins fiber placement contract with U.S. Navy
Automated Dynamics is under contract with the Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division, to manufacture an automated fiber placement (AFP) work cell featuring a four-tow Individual Tow Control fiber placement head.

Published: 3/6/2012

Bentley: Composite auto pillar beats aluminum predecessor
Bentley Motors and Sigmatex compared a sample "A" pillar node fabricated from aluminum, to a node made with a 3-D carbon fiber woven preform using automated fiber deposition. The technically superior solution was the composite structure, which produ...

Published: 2/21/2012

China’s COMAC buys MAG tape layer for C919, C929 work
MAG's CHARGER low-rail gantry contour carbon fiber tape layer will be installed in Shanghai to produce composite wings, horizontal stabilizers and central wing boxes for Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China's (COMAC) C919 and C929 commercial passenger...

Published: 12/19/2011

Goodrich installs third Ingersoll fiber placement machine
The Ingersoll Machine Tool Mongoose automated fiber placement system will be installed at Goodrich's Riverside, Calif., USA, facility where it will produce composite engine nacelle components for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350 XWB.

Published: 11/29/2011

Aurora Flight Sciences invests in fiber placement technology
Aurora Flight Sciences will install an Electroimpact automated fiber placement machine at its Columbus, Miss., facilty sometime in 2012.