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Published: 7/17/2019

NASA funds Made In Space project to 3D print spacecraft components in orbit
Made In Space’s Archinaut One spacecraft will demonstrate the ability to manufacture and assemble spacecraft components in low-Earth orbit.

Published: 7/11/2019

Robert Bosch Venture Capital Invests in Xometry's Manufacturing Marketplace
Xometry's manufacturing services include CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication and injection molding.

Published: 7/1/2019

Schunk Carbon Technology to 3D-print tooling using Anisoprint technology
The carbon fiber and ceramic solutions developer has adopted Anisoprint’s Composer printer and materials to accelerate its custom tooling operations.

Published: 6/28/2019

GKN Aerospace breaks ground on UK Global Technology Centre
Twenty-five partners will also collaborate on the center, which will focus on research for additive manufacturing and advanced composites for aircraft.

Published: 6/27/2019

Oerlikon AM and MT Aerospace Partner to Accelerate Use of Additive Manufacturing
The partnership is intended to expand the usage of AM in aerospace applications. 

Published: 6/26/2019

Cevotec’s Fiber Patch Placement wins Industry of the Future award
The additive fiber layup technology enables automated production of complex fiber composites.

Published: 6/14/2019

Protolabs Moving into Production-Level Additive Manufacturing Work
The production launch spotlights Protolabs’ effort to advance in industrial 3D printing beyond prototyping.

Published: 6/13/2019

Marshall Aerospace and Defence 3D-prints aerospace parts
The company is using Stratasys 3D printers for prototype and production parts using composites and other advanced materials.

Published: 6/12/2019

Oerlikon Opens U.S. Facility Devoted to Additive Manufacturing
The facility is intended to serve as an important part of Oerlikon’s additive manufacturing (AM) business in the United States.

Published: 6/6/2019

Anisoprint launches basalt fiber for continuous-fiber 3D printing
The material is said to be 15 times stronger than plastic, five times lighter than steel and 1.5 times stronger and lighter than aluminum.