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PUBLISHED: 3/5/2014

Resin, manufacturing solutions for automotive, wind, marine

BASF will feature a number of material and manufacturing solutions for applications in the automotive, wind and marine markets, including a polyurethane for the BMW i3 seat pan and a thermoplastic RTM resin.

PUBLISHED: 3/5/2014

Resins for automotive and energy applications

Dow Automotive is introducing the new Dow VORAFORCE 5300 epoxy resin matrix system for high-pressure resin transfer molding (RTM) or variants of this process.

PUBLISHED: 8/23/2012

Prepreg for wind blade spar caps

SparPreg, featuring Airstream coating technology, is a specialized prepreg developed by Gurit to enable the economic manufacture of high-quality unidirectional (UD) wind blade spar caps using advanced glass and carbon fibers.

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2012

Cutting tool for wind turbine manufacturers

WINDPOWER 2012 was the stage for the North American debut of Seco Tools Inc.’s new 335.25 Disc Milling Cutter.

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2012

Sanders for wind blade finishing

Dynabrade introduced at WINDPOWER 2012 a new series of air-powered vacuum disc sanders.

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2012

Integrated laser projector/flatbed cutter

At WINDPOWER 2012, Gerber Technology announced that it has integrated its computer-controlled flatbed cutting systems and CAD nesting software with subsidiary Virtek Vision International’s laser projection technology to automate nesting, cutting and...

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2012

Fiber-reinforced core materials

Having acquired the core-related assets of WebCore Technologies, Milliken announced at WINDPOWER 2012 that it has consolidated vertically fiber-reinforced cores into WebCore’s former TYCOR brand.

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2012

Remotely operated wind blade inspection system

In booth space shared with Howard Grote & Sons, Helical Robotics LLC demonstrated for WINDPOWER 2012 attendees its HR-1000LL portable climbing robot, which can provide remotely operated blade inspection.

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2012

Comoldable blade root bushing inserts for infused turbine blades

As part of Denmark’s Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EUDP), pultruder Fiberline Composites conducted the Innovative Blade Root Joint program and has developed an Integrated Pultruded Bushing Insert, comprising glass fiber ...

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2012

Protective coating for wind blade surface remediation

Engineered by Howard Grote & Sons for rapid repair of aging wind blades, trademarked Bladeskin coating technology was offered to the wind-blade repair market at WINDPOWER 2012.

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