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PUBLISHED: 9/21/2011

Specialty rollers for carbon fiber, prepreg production

Webex Inc. has introduced specialty rollers for the production of raw carbon fiber as well as prepreg materials.

PUBLISHED: 9/21/2011

Low-temperature-cure cyanate ester

Amber Composites Ltd. has developed Multipreg C640, a new low-temperature-curing cyanate ester resin system.

PUBLISHED: 5/4/2011

Autoclave-cure tooling prepreg

Advanced Composites Group Ltd. has launched LTM202, an autoclave-cure tooling prepreg system that offers a thermal cycling capability up to 200°C/392°F.

PUBLISHED: 4/6/2011

Automated, wireless, real-time prepreg out-time monitor

DeltaTRAK has announced a new application of its automated, wireless, real-time monitoring, recording and alarm system to monitor out time of temperature-sensitive composite prepregs.

PUBLISHED: 3/4/2011

Low-density sheet molding compound

Core Molding Technologies Inc. has developed a low-density SMC with high surface quality and improved economics over previous low-density materials offered by the company.

PUBLISHED: 2/1/2011

Prepreg for decorative surfaces

fenopreg, the prepregs division of FENOTEC GmbH, has expanded its custom prepreg offerings to include formulations designed to add glossy brilliance to composite products.

PUBLISHED: 11/9/2010

Continuous fiber-reinforced materials

Rhodia has introduced Evolite by Technyl, a range of polyamide-based continuous fiber reinforced materials for transportation, industrial and consumer applications.

PUBLISHED: 11/2/2010

Wind blade repair system

Gurit has announced the launch of RENUVO, a wind blade repair system that the company says addresses many of the practical issues that have prevented more effective and expedient maintenance programs.

PUBLISHED: 9/1/2010

Nano-enhanced matrix resin for CF wind blade spars

3M’s resurgence in the composite market was recently underscored by the release of 3M Matrix Resin 3381, a high-performance, nanoparticle-enhanced epoxy designed for use in carbon-fiber composites.

PUBLISHED: 8/4/2010

Polyester prepreg for radomes

New from Lewcott Corp. is FM5LF, a prepreg polyester resin system for tubular radome applications.

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