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PUBLISHED: 3/30/2020

Gurit features core materials, adhesives, resins, molds for wind, aerospace

Gurit is featuring its offerings and expertise for wind energy, composite tooling and lightweighting applications such as aerospace, rail, healthcare and marine. ​​​​​​

PUBLISHED: 3/29/2020

New Composites Evolution prepreg cures at low temperature

This low-temperature, 12-hour-cure tooling prepreg is the latest product in Composites Evolution’s Evopreg EPT tooling epoxy range.

PUBLISHED: 3/26/2020

Roth offers filament winding automation, prepreg and towpreg equipment

Roth Composite Machinery is showcasing its competences in filament winding, prepreg and organic sheet production.

PUBLISHED: 3/24/2020

New Solvay materials, processes designed for industrialization

Solvay is launching and promoting materials and processes developed for industrialized processes.

PUBLISHED: 3/23/2020

Voith updates roving applicator generation technology

Voith GmbH is featuring carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) components such as tailored stacks for the automotive and aerospace sectors. 

PUBLISHED: 2/25/2020

JEC World 2020 preview: Toray

Toray Industries Inc. is featuring its five European subsidiaries.

PUBLISHED: 2/25/2020

JEC World 2020 preview: Bindatex

Composites and advanced materials precision slitting company Bindatex is announcing at JEC that it has cut 300 kg of prepreg and started work on its 14th order in two years for a large composites OEM supplying thermosets and thermoplastics.

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2020

Solvay launches epoxy prepreg for aerostructures compression molding

Solvay Composite Materials has launched CYCOM EP2750, a new highly drapable epoxy prepreg designed specifically for the compression molding of high-quality, high-rate, cost-effective primary and secondary aerostructures.

PUBLISHED: 1/13/2020

Cure testing services available for suppliers, fabricators

Lambient Technologies LLC now offers cure testing services for companies working with thermoset resins or advanced composite materials.

PUBLISHED: 11/21/2019

Graphene-enhanced prepreg launched for lightning strike protection

Haydale's range of graphene-enhanced prepreg materials utilize functionalized nanomaterials to improve the electrical conductivity in aerospace applications.