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PUBLISHED: 9/28/2012

Portable coordinate measuring machine

Verisurf Software Inc. has launched 3DGage, a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that allows customers to customize a system by choosing from four software configurations, four portable CMM configurations and a variety of probe options.

PUBLISHED: 9/28/2012

Damage and failure of composite materials

"Damage and Failure of Composite Materials" is a new book by Ramesh Talreja of Texas A & M University and Chandra Veer Singh of University of Toronto.

PUBLISHED: 9/5/2012

Automated nondestructive inspection

NDT Solutions Inc. and Genesis Systems Group report that they have teamed up to develop automated robotic non-destructive inspection (NDI) systems.

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2012

Robotic nondestructive inspection system

Genesis Systems Group, a recent start-up that claims to be the largest robotic systems builder in North America, showed at SAMPE 2012 its Nspect 210 robotic nondestructive inspection (NDI) system, featuring a high-speed ultrasonic array.

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2012

Remotely operated wind blade inspection system

In booth space shared with Howard Grote & Sons, Helical Robotics LLC demonstrated for WINDPOWER 2012 attendees its HR-1000LL portable climbing robot, which can provide remotely operated blade inspection.

PUBLISHED: 5/21/2012

NDE system uses ultrasonics for composites inspection

U.K.-based Babcock has developed a non-destructive examination (NDE) system for evaluation of composite repairs and the underlying substrate.

PUBLISHED: 5/3/2012

Highly distributed strain sensing

Luna Innovations Inc. has integrated highly distributed strain sensing in its Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator instrument to sense strain from impact in composite structures.

PUBLISHED: 1/31/2012

Optical strain/temperature measurement

Luna Innovations Inc.'s new ODiSI (Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator) instrument is designed to deliver an unprecedented amount of data, using optical fiber as a continuous sensor.

PUBLISHED: 11/1/2011

Automated test-strip cutter

The AZCO Corp. (Fairfield, N.J.) Test Strip Cutter allows layed-up diagnostic test sheets to be cut into individual strips.

PUBLISHED: 7/23/2010

All-electric fatigue-testing machine

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has introduced the EMT-series Servopulser fatigue-testing machine.

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