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PUBLISHED: 9/23/2009

Automated processing of large, complex parts

MAG has introduced the 5-axis Agile Gantry Multi-Processing System, designed for machining and finishing wind blades and other oversized composite parts, such as boat hulls and aerospace components.

PUBLISHED: 8/28/2009

Waterjet cutting machines

Flow International Corp. has introduced the new Mach Series line of waterjet cutting machines.

PUBLISHED: 8/14/2009

Machining cell

Methods Machine Tools (Sudbury, Mass.) has introduced the JobShop Cell, an integrated production unit that combines a Fanuc RoboDrill vertical machining center (VMC) with a fully interfaced, high-speed, 6-axis Fanuc LR Mate 200iC robot for automated...

PUBLISHED: 8/14/2009

Waterjet management software

Flow International Corp. has introduced FlowConnex, software designed for waterjet management operations.

PUBLISHED: 8/14/2009

Ultrahigh-pressure waterjet pump

Flow International Corp. has introduced the JetPlex pump, designed for use with ultrahigh-pressure waterjet system.

PUBLISHED: 7/23/2009

Precision cutting system

Autometrix has introduced the new Model M8 cutting table system.

PUBLISHED: 4/15/2009

Composite material management software

JETCAM International s.a.r.l. has launched its Material Life Management (MLM) software for composite materials.

PUBLISHED: 4/15/2009

Small-part machining center

Datron Dynamics Inc. has unveiled an automated, 5-axis, high-speed machining center designed for small-part manufacturing.

PUBLISHED: 4/15/2009

CNC machining center for composites

Thermwood Corp. has developed the new Model 63 series CNC router.

PUBLISHED: 4/2/2009

Large-part machining center

MAG Cincinnati's E Mill can handle parts up to 12m long.

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