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PUBLISHED: 1/18/2012

PET structural foam

Gurit has launched a new range of G-PET structural foam targeted toward the global wind turbine blade manufacturing and marine markets.

PUBLISHED: 11/30/2011

Glass-reinforced sandwich structure

U.S. Liner Co. has developed ECOTEX, a glass-reinforced sandwich composite manufactured by laminating the company’s Versitex nonwoven, continuous glass fiber skins onto a chopped long fiber polypropylene and glass core.

PUBLISHED: 9/21/2011

PET core material

3A Composites has introduced the new AIREX T90.60, a very ligh structural PET core material.

PUBLISHED: 9/21/2011

Closed-cell PVC foam

SP-High Modulus, the marine business of Gurit, has launched PVCell G-Foam, a closed-cell, cross-linked PVC foam.

PUBLISHED: 6/24/2011

Fiber-reinforced wind blade core material

WebCore Technologies LLC has introduced TYCOR W5, the newest addition to its TYCOR W family of fiber-reinforced composite core material solutions for utility wind turbine blades.

PUBLISHED: 6/10/2011

Foam core system for wind blades

Dow Formulated Systems, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Co. has introduced the COMPAXX 700 foam core system for wind blades, the first in a line of new core materials for wind blade applications.

PUBLISHED: 12/29/2010

High-impact GRP for sandwich facings

LAMILUX has developed LAMILUXplan High Impact, a fiber-reinforced thermoset panel system designed for sandwich facings in high-impact sidewall and roof structure applications on trucks and other vehicles.

PUBLISHED: 10/28/2010

Pourable high-temp foam core

Stepan Company’s new, pourable STEPANFOAM HTC (high-temperature core) foams are designed for use in high-temperature environments.

PUBLISHED: 10/7/2010

Multipurpose core fabric

Formax launched at the Composites Europe 2010 show a new product called MultiCore, a multipurpose core fabric for the marine, automotive, industrial and construction markets.

PUBLISHED: 9/30/2010

PVC structural foam for China's wind energy market

Gurit has introduced the PVCell G-Foam family, a range of new PVC structural foams, developed and produced at Gurit’s subsidiary, China Techno Foam, in Qingdao, China, for use in the manufacture of wind turbine rotor blades for the local Chinese mar...

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