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PUBLISHED: 2/28/2018

JEC World 2018 preview: Spheretex

The latest product development from Spheretex, Sphere.core PSI, will be launched at JEC World 2018 in Paris.

PUBLISHED: 2/28/2018

JEC World 2018 preview: Armacell

ArmaShape for large-scale production of 3D-shaped PET foam cores

PUBLISHED: 2/28/2018

JEC World 2018 preview: Diab

High-performance core materials and sandwich composite solutions.

PUBLISHED: 2/27/2018

JEC World 2018 preview: EconCore

EconCore’s (Leuven, Belgium) continuous process for producing high-performance lightweight thermoplastic honeycomb cores for composites will be on display at Hall 6, R73.

PUBLISHED: 2/26/2018

3A Composites' core material targets automotive

3A Composites Core Materials (Sins, Switzerland) has introduced a new structural AIREX foam core platform aimed at lightweight, high-volume automotive applications that is capable of being processed in high-temperature, high-pressure, short-cyc...

PUBLISHED: 2/24/2018

JEC World 2018 preview: 3A Composites

3A Composites (Sins, Switzerland) will introduce its latest innovations in sustainable core materials at this year's JEC World in Paris. 3A Composites will present its new PET-based product trademarked AIREX T10.60 targeted at wind, au...

PUBLISHED: 5/18/2017

New PET foam

Armacell Benelux SA (Thimister-Clermont, Luxembourg) makes environmentally friendly structural PET foam cores for the composite industry, and recently launched a new multi-density PET foam core at JEC World 2017.

PUBLISHED: 11/18/2015

FST-compliant polyurethane foam cores

General Plastics Manufacturing Co. (Tacoma, WA, US) featured its fire, smoke, and toxicity- (FST) compliant polyurethane foam cores — the FR-3800 FST series — and its molded parts program.

PUBLISHED: 11/18/2015

3D-capable aramid honeycomb core

Euro-Composites Corp. (Elkwood, VA, US) introduced a new 3D-capable aramid honeycomb core it calls ECA-3D.

PUBLISHED: 7/23/2015

PET structural foam

XTX Composites Inc. (Dallas, TX, US) has completed production and testing of new structural PET foam with densities of 100 kg/m3 and 110 kg/m3.

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