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PUBLISHED: 3/5/2014

Design, analysis, manufacturing software

Anaglyph is featuring its composites design and analysis software tools: LAP, CoDA and LAMINATE TOOLS, as well as its PlyMatch technology for ply placement.

PUBLISHED: 3/5/2014

Robotic programming

CAC/CAM specialist Delcam will show how to program complex robot machining operations with its PowerMILL Robot CAM system.

PUBLISHED: 3/5/2014

CAD-to-part programming

CGTech will demonstrate the process of programming automated composites manufacturing machinery.

PUBLISHED: 1/9/2014

Composites simulation software updated

Recently released by e-Xstream engineering, version 5.0.1 of the Digimat nonlinear, multiscale material and structure modeling platform for high-fidelity composites simulation reportedly supports the setup of 3-D analyses with Marc, MSC Nastran, Aba...

PUBLISHED: 10/3/2013

Fatigue analysis for wovens

Safe Technology Ltd. says the latest release of Safe’s fe-safe/Composites (the add-on module to Safe’s fe-safe suite of fatigue analysis software for finite element models) features a new tool for fatigue analysis of woven fibers.

PUBLISHED: 7/22/2013

Collier releases HyperSizer version 6.4.5

The latest version of Collier's HyperSizer offers built-in "intelligence" that is said to produce more accurate answers with less user input,

PUBLISHED: 6/3/2013

Global real-time process monitoring

Synthesites Innovative Technologies Ltd. showed off its new global system for real-time monitoring of composites processes at JEC Europe 2013.

PUBLISHED: 6/3/2013

Composites design software

MSC Software Co., a subsidiary of e-Xstream engineering, released at JEC Europe 2013 version 4.4.1 of its Digimat suite of software products for composites design and engineering.

PUBLISHED: 6/3/2013

Composite analysis software upgrade

Firehole Composites released Helius:CompositePro version 4.2 at JEC Europe 2013.

PUBLISHED: 4/30/2013

Progressive failure analysis software

AlphaSTAR Corp. has launched the newest version of its multiscale progressive failure analysis suite, GENOA 5.

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