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PUBLISHED: 11/3/2014

FRIMO announces new equipment for high-volume composites

Infrared welding systems for thermoplastic composites and EPOx Mix and PURe Mix for HP-RTM in epoxy and polyurethane.

PUBLISHED: 10/13/2014

Pre-consolidated, multiaxial, thermoplastic composite structures

LANXESS reports that its subsidiary Bond-Laminate has begun production of pre-consolidated, continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic Tepex composite laminates that feature fiber layers oriented at almost any conceivable angle.

PUBLISHED: 9/29/2014

Continental Structural Plastics debuts new low-density SMC

New TCA Ultra Light has a specific gravity of 1.2, without sacrificing mechanical properties of heavier SMC versions.

PUBLISHED: 7/16/2014

Fiber optic strain sensing

4DSP has developed RTS125, an off-the-shelf, distributed fiber optic sensing solution.

PUBLISHED: 7/14/2014

Soluble plastic tooling cores

Soluble plastic tooling cores reportedly offer lighter parts for aerospace and automotive applications.

PUBLISHED: 6/2/2014

High volume, in autoclave

Globe Machine Manufacturing Co. (Tacoma, Wash.) announced the launch of RapidClave 2, its second-generation technology that provides autoclave-processing capabilities in a machine that operates significantly faster than traditional autoclaves.

PUBLISHED: 6/2/2014

Fabrics for Class A surfaces, and more

At JEC Europe 2014, FORMAX (Leicester, U.K.) showcased a number of new fabrics launched in late 2013.

PUBLISHED: 6/2/2014

Automotive prepregs, PVC core

AT JEC Europe 2014, the many new offerings at the Gurit Holding AG (Zurich, Switzerland) stand included the following new-generation prepregs for structural and cosmetic automotive applications and other demanding and/or high-temperature application...

PUBLISHED: 6/2/2014

Fast-cure epoxy for HP-RTM

At JEC Europe 2014, Cytec Industries Inc. (Woodland Park, N.J.) launched new products and accompanying technologies for serial automotive production.

PUBLISHED: 6/2/2014

Rapid-cure epoxies and polyurethanes

The big news on the Dow (Schwalbach, Germany and Midland, Mich.) stand at JEC Europe 2014 was Dow Automotive’s new, trademarked VORAFORCE 5300 epoxy resin family, capable of 90 second cycle times in automotive composite fabrication.

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