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PUBLISHED: 3/31/2017

SGL Group launches lightweighting toolbox

SGL Group (Wiesbaden, Germany) has introduced a new lightweighting material toolbox that includes prepregged semi-finished products based on a rapid-curing epoxy resin developed in-house.

PUBLISHED: 2/23/2017

Multi-material urethane adhesive

3M (St. Paul, MN, US) has introduced Scotch-Weld Multi-Material Composite Urethane Adhesives DP6310NS and DP6330NS for lightweight assemblies for trucks, buses, RVs, specialty vehicles and passenger rail, and other markets like sporting goods and pa...

PUBLISHED: 12/5/2016

Solvay launches new technologies for automotive and aerospace applications

During Composites Europe, the company showcased rapid cure thermoset prepregs for automotive applications.

PUBLISHED: 11/27/2016

Epoxy intermediates

Dow Automotive Systems (Auburn Hills, Michigan) has developed VORAFUSE epoxy intermediates, which, when combined with carbon or glass fiber fabric, are said said to offer improved handling and rapid cycle times for compression molding of composite p...

PUBLISHED: 10/10/2016

Core rolls out ultralow-density SMC

Core Molding Technologies has announced Hydrilite SMC, a sheet molding compound with a nominal density of 0.98 specific gravity, mid-range mechanical performance and high-quality surface appearance.

PUBLISHED: 8/23/2016

Two-component, toughened methacrylate adhesive systems

Huntsman Advanced Materials (Basel, Switzerland) has introduced two new two-component, toughened methacrylate adhesives systems, called ARALDITE 2021-1 and ARALDITE 2022-1, designed to replace ARALDITE 2021 and ARALDITE 2022 respectively.

PUBLISHED: 2/17/2016

Intertronics methyl methacrylate adhesives

Intertronics (Kidlington, Oxfordshire, UK) has introduced the adhere series of two-component methyl methacrylate adhesives, which is said to offer primerless, superior-strength bonds on most thermoplastics, composites and metals, with room-temperatu...

PUBLISHED: 11/16/2015

Arevo Labs launches 3D printing platform for composite parts fabrication

The scalable robot-based additive manufacturing (RAM) platform 3D prints continuous or chopped carbon fiber with a PAEK or PEEK thermoplastic resin matrix.

PUBLISHED: 10/21/2015

Nonwoven recycled CF prepregs, long fiber thermoplastics, towpregs

SGL Group — The Carbon Co. (Wiesbaden, Germany) introduced at Composites Europe in September several new products revolving around the company's line of carbon fibers.

PUBLISHED: 7/20/2015

High-tensile modulus carbon fiber for aero, auto composites

Toho Tenax has announced the launch of TENAXR XMS32, a new grade of carbon fiber that provides high intensity and high-tensile modulus for aircraft and automotive applications.

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