PUBLISHED: 4/10/2018

New 3D printing filaments based on PEKK and PVDF now available

The new Kepstan PEKK and Kynar PVDF filaments are designed for 3D printing of highly technical parts requiring extreme performance.

PUBLISHED: 4/10/2018

Low-odor methyl acrylate adhesive can be used for range of applications

Penloc GTN is an easy- to-process, methyl acrylate based, low-odor adhesive that can be used in a wide variety of applications.  

PUBLISHED: 4/9/2018

New cut piece tapes from Airtech

Pre-cut tapes minimize use of knives and scissors, reducing waste and labor.

PUBLISHED: 4/6/2018

New heat seal packing solution from AZCO

AZCO Corp. has announced a custom cut-to-length knife assembly with a sealing bar to make bags from poly tubing.

PUBLISHED: 4/5/2018

Exact Metrology introduces new 3D laser scanner

Artec Ray scanner provides fast and accurate data for applications such as reverse engineering, inspection, construction, product design, forensics and heritage presentation.

PUBLISHED: 4/5/2018

New preprocessor available for VABS composite blade simulation software

AnalySwift, provider of high-fidelity modeling software for composites and other advanced materials, says a new preprocessor called PreVABS is now available to VABS users.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2018

Hexion products target wind blade production

Hexion Inc. has introduced a new tackifying spray system as well as new epoxy bonding paste and resin repair kits for use in wind turbine rotor blade maintenance.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2018

Hexcel launches prepreg for leaf springs

Hexcel has developed HexPly M901, a new prepreg for composite automotive leaf springs.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2018

Henkel resin matrix targets automotive

Henkel has introduced Loctite MAX 5, a new polyurethane matrix resin for carbon fiber-reinforced composite automotive wheels.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2018

Book focuses on structural analysis for aircraft engineers

Grand Oak Publishing has released Practical Analysis of Aircraft Composites, by Brian Esp, Ph.D., P.E., a comprehensive guide to structural analysis where composites are used.

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