PUBLISHED: 3/24/2017

Altair releases HyperWorks 2017

Altair (Troy, MI, US) has released HyperWorks 2017, with several functionalities added in areas such as model-based development, electromagnetism, nonlinear structural analysis, modeling and meshing, multiphysics and multi-disciplinary analysis, lig...

PUBLISHED: 2/23/2017

High-temperature vacuum heating presses

Wickert Hydraulic Presses (Landau, Germany) has developed a line of precision high-temperature vacuum heating (HTVH) presses.

PUBLISHED: 2/23/2017

Measurement software updated

Verisurf Software Inc. (Anaheim, CA, US) has introduced Verisurf 2017, the latest release of the company's measurement software for advanced surface analysis, quality inspection, assembly guidance and reverse engineering.

PUBLISHED: 2/23/2017

High-performance marine gelcoats

Ashland (Dublin, OH, US) has introduced Maxguard SCP, a new line of high-performance marine gelcoats that reportedly deliver multi-functional benefits, including excellent weatherability and dependability.

PUBLISHED: 2/23/2017

High-temperature air-flow monitor

Wind Probe LLC (Andover, MA, US) has introduced a high-temperature air-flow monitor instrument for large and small curing ovens.

PUBLISHED: 2/23/2017

Multi-material urethane adhesive

3M (St. Paul, MN, US) has introduced Scotch-Weld Multi-Material Composite Urethane Adhesives DP6310NS and DP6330NS for lightweight assemblies for trucks, buses, RVs, specialty vehicles and passenger rail, and other markets like sporting goods and pa...

PUBLISHED: 2/23/2017

New ultrasound NDT platform

DolphiTech AS (Raufoss, Norway) is introducing a new range of ultrasound instruments with extended capabilities for non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection of materials.

PUBLISHED: 2/23/2017

Roller-coater for prepreg production

Cygnet Texkimp Ltd. (Cheshire, UK) has revealed it is developing a high-tolerance reverse roll-coating machine to create sub-10-gsm films for the production of aerospace-quality prepreg.

PUBLISHED: 1/31/2017

Styrene-free putty and resin

Ilpa Adesivi (Bari, Italy) has worked for several years to develop styrene-free products, including its LINEA BLU line.

PUBLISHED: 1/26/2017

New book discusses soy-based bioplastics

Soy and its coproducts are rapidly emerging as one of the most prominent sustainable plastics of the 21st century, says a new book published by Smithers Rapra (Shawbury, Shropshire, UK). Soy-Based Bioplastics relates that the relative abundance of s...

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