PUBLISHED: 10/18/2019

Composites UK launches fire performance practical guide

The guide, produced with support from the National Composites Centre, addresses key issues related to fire performance for reinforced composites.

PUBLISHED: 10/17/2019

Wisconsin Oven develops control system for composite curing ovens

The Premium Control System optimizes composite curing for aerospace and other applications.

PUBLISHED: 10/17/2019

Carbon fiber/polypropylene UD tape offers manufacturing flexibility

Mitsui Chemicals’ TAFNEX PP-CF UD carbon fiber/polypropylene tape has been demonstrated on automotive applications and to build reshapable thermoplastic pipes.

PUBLISHED: 9/30/2019

Pressure-sensitive tape offers high visibility, elongation

Airtech’s Wrightlease 4 is an extruded fluoropolymer film coated with silicone pressure sensitive adhesive.

PUBLISHED: 9/30/2019

PUR metering systems designed for digital integration

KraussMaffei’s EcoStar, RimStar and RimStar Smart mixing and metering machines support digitization in polyurethane (PUR) foam production.

PUBLISHED: 9/30/2019

Benzoxazine tooling prepreg designed for aerospace applications

SHD Composite Materials Inc.’s benzoxazine prepreg has been designed for large, high-temperature aerospace tooling applications.

PUBLISHED: 9/16/2019

CoreTech System releases molding simulation software in Turkish

Source | CoreTech System   CoreTech System Co. Ltd. (Hsinchu, Taiwan), provider of engineering simulation solutions for the plastics industry, has added a Turkish language pack to the latest version of its plastics molding simulation ...

PUBLISHED: 9/16/2019

Johns Manville launches three nylon thermoplastic organosheet product series

The OS-6, NCF-6 and CR-6 series use in-situ polymerization technology for enhanced properties in lightweight structural applications.

PUBLISHED: 9/16/2019

Karl Mayer thermoplastic UD tape production line designed for mass production

The SIM.PLY production line is designed for large-scale production of thermoplastic UD tapes for lightweight structural compone

PUBLISHED: 8/28/2019

Zetec scanner designed for versatile ultrasonic testing

The versatile, manual 2D encoded scanner is designed for ultrasonic inspections of oil and gas, aerospace and other applications.