PUBLISHED: 5/18/2017

SABIC launches new additive manufacturing resins

SABIC (Pittsfield, MA, US) has launched six new filaments for fused deposition modeling (FDM) and a new family of reinforced compounds for large format additive manufacturing.

PUBLISHED: 5/18/2017

Elastomeric tooling system

Rubbercraft (Long Beach, CA, US) introduced at the recent SAMPE Seattle 2017 show a new non-permeable elastomeric tooling system, which is now available.

PUBLISHED: 5/18/2017

Silicone additive

Dow Corning Corp. (Midland, MI, US), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company (Midland, MI, US), recently launched at Chinaplas 2017 Dow Corning 43-821 Additive, an advanced new silicone technology designed to resolve mechanical perform...

PUBLISHED: 5/18/2017

New PET foam

Armacell Benelux SA (Thimister-Clermont, Luxembourg) makes environmentally friendly structural PET foam cores for the composite industry, and recently launched a new multi-density PET foam core at JEC World 2017.

PUBLISHED: 4/24/2017

Siemens launches online platform for 3D printing design, manufacture

Siemens (Munich, Germany) has launched a new online collaborative platform designed to support on-demand product design and 3D printing production.

PUBLISHED: 4/21/2017

Injection molding simulation, draping analysis combined

Moldex3D (Chupei City, Taiwan) has linked its 3D injection molding simulation software to Livermore Software Technology Corp. (LSTC)'s (Livermore, CA, US) LS-DYNA draping analysis software for multicomponent molding simulation.

PUBLISHED: 4/21/2017

Scott Bader expands gelcoat color tinting service to mainland Europe

Scott Bader (Wollaston, UK) is expanding its new GelTint volumetric gelcoat RAL color-tinting service to the wider European composites market, having fully trialled and market tested the service with customers in the UK.

PUBLISHED: 4/20/2017

PRF introduces epoxy prepreg systems

PRF Composite Materials (Poole, Dorset, UK) has launched three new epoxy prepreg systems.

PUBLISHED: 4/20/2017

DUNA-USA launches high-temp, low-CTE tooling board

DUNA-USA Inc. (Baytown, TX, US) has introduced Black Corintho, a high-temperature, high-density, low-coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) tooling board for prototyping, composite layup tooling, and master model making.

PUBLISHED: 4/20/2017

Hexion launches low free formaldehyde phenolic

Hexion Inc. (Columbus, OH, US) is introducing a new phenolic resin for composites with an ultra-low free formaldehyde (ULEF) content of less than 0.1%.

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