Toray aerospace prepreg optimized for vacuum-assisted pressure molding


Toray has developed a new aerospace-grade prepreg designed for use in a novel out-of-autoclave, vacuum-assisted pressure molding process.

Broetje-Automation enlarges AFP portfolio for serial composite production


The STAXX product line of automated fiber placement (AFP) machining centers is designed for both thermoplastic and thermoset composite applications.

Petro Lube Inc. introduces rhenus coolant for composites machining


Use of the special coolant during the machining process is said to enable up to 60% higher feed rates and produce up to four times more parts.

PostProcess Technologies launches new solution for SLA resin removal


PostProcess Technologies says the system is capable of performing complete resin removal on 3D-printed SLA parts consistently in 5-10 minutes.

Chromaflo Technologies releases black colorant for polyurethanes


The black colorant, which contains 40% high-structure carbon black, targets the polyurethane market. Its thixotropy is said to allow the product to readily flow with no need for agitation

Holland Composites BV launches transparent wood composite


Advantages to Raficlad Wood are said to include durability and freedom of shape. 

Airtech introduces high-stretch breather


Airtech Advanced Materials Group says its Stretch Flow P 2000 is a knitted, polyester breather with excellent stretch properties.

Sicomin launches MaxCore sandwich core


MaxCore fiber reinforcements are reportedly inserted in multiple orientations and are responsible for 100% of the mechanical properties of the core.

Xenia introduces CF/PP thermoplastic composite compounds


The XECARB 11 series of short carbon fiber-filled PP thermoplastic composite grades is designed for applications requiring a high modulus to density ratio.

Nouryon introduces new organic peroxide powder


A powder version of the company’s Perkadox 16 (BCHPC) organic peroxide is designed to allow larger volumes of storage while meeting new safety standards.