Smarter Building Systems develops fire-retardant epoxy


The epoxy is designed to be an affordable but effective fire protection solution that is also environmentally safe.

Sicomin launches bio resin for HP-RTM processing


SR GreenPoxy 28 is a bio-based epoxy resin designed for fast cure, high performance, and more sustainable automotive manufacturing.

Plataine edge computing application speeds IIoT data analysis


PlataineEdge is designed to help Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems conduct data analysis locally to save time and reduce cloud storage costs.

Anaglyph Ltd. releases new version of Laminate Tools design software


Laminate Tools addresses the entire geometry process for composites structural design, from import through design, analysis, check and manufacture. 

Flame-retardant composite developed for additive manufacturing


CRP Technology’s Windform FR1 is a carbon fiber-filled flame retardant material for use with laser sintering.

Adhesion Technologies Ltd. fastening system designed for FRP parts


Fiba Spida is an all-in-one fastener and tow-steered reinforcement fabric fixing system, designed primarily for use composites.

Fresmak develops F-GRIP clamping system with reversible adhesion


F-GRIP is a clamping system based on reversible adhesion for use with manufacturing aerospace parts. 

Grid/skin structures explained


Composites expert and veteran Stephen Tsai and automated tape and fiber placement specialist MTorres have published “Composite Double-Double and Grid/Skin Structures: Low Weight/Low Cost Design and Manufacturing,” a design and manufacturing guide for the fabrication of grid-stiffened composite structures.

METYX water-based pastes, polishes promote high gloss, prevent overheating


METYX has introduced a new product group consisting of three water-based pastes/polishes for use on a variety of end products. 

Airtech prepreg enables OOA cure, extends storage life


Airtech’s out-of-autoclave (OOA) beta prepreg is a benzoxazine composite tooling system that can be cured out-of-autoclave or in the autoclave.