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Wind and energy is the fastest growing end market for composite materials. Wind blades, oil rig tubulars, solar panel frames and other structures are forecast to consume more composite materials than any other market over the next decade.


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Small wind gets big

Massive growth, complex blade designs reopen challenging market in wind energy niche.
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Vestas to install first wind blade de-icing system in Finland CompositesWorld

The Vestas De-icing System minimizes ice build-up on the wind blade leading edge and increases service life in cold climates.

Duke Energy announces wind energy project CompositesWorld

A consortium of four companies propose a massive wind farm and energy storage facility to supply Los Angeles.

Ultrasound evaluation of prepreg impregnation levels CompositesWorld

The Ultran Group has developed non-contact ultrasound (NCU) that can accurately assess prepreg level of impregnation (LOI) with implications for out-of-autoclave processing, inline quality control and even automated tape laying.

North American Windpower reports U.S. offshore wind is "embryonic no more" CompositesWorld

Plus wind news highlights show that offshore installations worldwide are picking up speed.

Oracle Team USA receives carbon fiber recycling award CompositesWorld

Applied research firm SCRA has awarded racing yacht manufacturer Oracle Team USA an ReXC award for its use of reclaimed carbon fiber composites.

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