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Full steam ahead for composite ship doors and hatches CompositesWorld

VABO Composites (Emmeloord, The Netherlands) has added to its wide range of composite products these ship doors and hatches that offer a 50% weight reduction vs. conventional steel doors.

Ashland unveils low-density, high-performance SMC CompositesWorld

Ashland's new Arotran 771 sheet molding compound (SMC) offers a specific gravity of 1.2, with good mechanical and physical properties. The company is targeting 1.0 specific gravity, which would put SMC on par with aluminum in automotive applications.

The markets: Corrosion-resistant applications (2016) CompositesWorld

Cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) liners for rehabilitation of corroding underground metal pipe has been a huge market for composites in recent years. Will a pull-through, inflatable cousin developed for pipe in corrosive undersea installations prove a similar boon?

The markets: Sports and recreation (2016) CompositesWorld

Big for composites in the 1990s, the sporting goods/recreation market is, today, generally characterized today by incremental development. Exceptions to that rule, however are bicycle frames and protective headgear, for two, which continue to provide stimulus for new development.

The markets: Construction (2016) CompositesWorld

In 2009, the International Building Code’s new Subsection 12 approved the use of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites as alternatives for conventional materials used in commercial building envelopes. In 2015, composites advocates saw convincing evidence that those alternatives could be realized in practical, cost-effective applications.

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