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Polyester is a thermosetting resin matrix system and among the most used in the composites industry. It's most often used in sheet molding compound, bulk molding compound and with glass fiber in industrial, construction, infrastructure and other applications.


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Thermoplastic Polyesters: It's a Good Time to Know Them Better

PCT polyesters

There’s more to TP polyesters than you think. You may know PET, PBT, and PETG—but what about PCT, PCTG, PCTA, and PTT? If you’re not sure what they are, how their properties compare, and who sells them, we have the answers—and lots of new developments to report.
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Composites pioneer dies CompositesWorld

Heinz Bader, a member of the Scott Bader company family, started Swiss company Scobalit, which exists to this day.

Mark your calendars for TOPCON CompositesWorld

The 2015 edition of the thermoset conference will be held in Palm Springs, Calif.

CCP Composites expands capacity in U.K. CompositesWorld

£1 million invested in polyester and vinylester resins, gel coats and bonding pastes production.

Reichhold files for bankruptcy protection CompositesWorld

The company is in the process of restructuring its debts, via financing from its bondholders. Affiliates located outside the U.S. are not included in the filings.

Polynt/PCCR USA to acquire CCP Composites CompositesWorld

Italy-based Polynt Group will, through subsidiary PCCR USA, acquire U.S.-based CCP Composites from TOTAL S.A. in an effort to help Polynt enhance its unsaturated polyester resins business.

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New Products
Styrene-free unsaturated polyesters MARTE SpA
Unsaturated polyester for wind blades DSM Composite Resins AG
"Green" cast polymer resins Interplastic Corp. - Thermoset Resins Division
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