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Polyester is a thermosetting resin matrix system and among the most used in the composites industry. It's most often used in sheet molding compound, bulk molding compound and with glass fiber in industrial, construction, infrastructure and other applications.


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Thermoplastic Polyesters: It's a Good Time to Know Them Better

PCT polyesters

There’s more to TP polyesters than you think. You may know PET, PBT, and PETG—but what about PCT, PCTG, PCTA, and PTT? If you’re not sure what they are, how their properties compare, and who sells them, we have the answers—and lots of new developments to report.
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Reichhold, Polynt to merge CompositesWorld

The group will become a global specialty chemicals player with significant presence both in North America and Europe. 

Ashland unveils low-density, high-performance SMC CompositesWorld

Ashland's new Arotran 771 sheet molding compound (SMC) offers a specific gravity of 1.2, with good mechanical and physical properties. The company is targeting 1.0 specific gravity, which would put SMC on par with aluminum in automotive applications.

Pultrusions provide composite thermal break CompositesWorld

Army hospital combats Alaskan cold with FRP shapes/fasteners.

The markets: Construction (2016) CompositesWorld

In 2009, the International Building Code’s new Subsection 12 approved the use of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites as alternatives for conventional materials used in commercial building envelopes. In 2015, composites advocates saw convincing evidence that those alternatives could be realized in practical, cost-effective applications.

Disruptive composite infrastructure CompositesWorld

FiberCore Europe claims the "Holy Grail" of delamination-resistant FRP bridge and infrastructure components with its patented InfraCore technology.

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