High-Temperature Resins

Composite parts and structures exposed to high temperatures require a resin matrix designed to withstand the heat. Common resins here include polyimides, bezoxazines, bismaleimides and cyanate esters, among others.

BMI and benzoxazine battle for future OOA aerocomposites

Offering weight, cost and process advantages, these “hot zone” resins are moving down the thermometer and into out-of-autoclave structural applications and autoclavable tooling now dominated by epoxies.

Ceramic-matrix composites heat up

Lightweight, hard and stable at high temperatures, CMCs are emerging from two decades of study and development into commercial applications.
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CAMX 2016 preview: HOS-Technik GmbH

HOS-Technik GmbH (St. Stefan, Austria) is featuring its high-temperature resins based on bismaleimide (HOMIDES), polybenzimidazole (HOZOLE), maleimide monomers, reactive diluents and microbeads (HOSBeads).