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Epoxy is a thermosetting matrix resin and among the most commonly used resin systems in the composites industry. It's frequently used with continuous carbon fiber in aerospace, race car, marine and other high-performance applications.


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Composite vs. corrosion: Battling for marketshare

Market trends and tighter budgets are helping to expand the use of composites to repair and replace corrosion-damaged infrastructure — aboveground and underground.
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Recyclable epoxy proven in HP-RTM CompositesWorld

Recyclamine hardener performs well in global processing trials and cradle-to-cradle recycling demo.

Reversibly crosslinking thermoset-thermoplastic hybrid polymers CompositesWorld

Evonik’s new system delivers crosslinked performance of epoxies below 100°C, processing benefits of thermoplastics above 170°C.

Solvay launches new technologies for automotive and aerospace applications CompositesWorld

During Composites Europe, the company showcased rapid cure thermoset prepregs for automotive applications.

Redesigned bonded fasteners enable RTM railway cabinets CompositesWorld

Adhesion Technologies Ltd. (ATL, Hampshire, UK) has developed a range of in-mold bonded fasteners, which reduce build time by eliminating the need for hole-drilling.

Riba Composites adds HP-RTM/press molding system CompositesWorld

The solution includes the machines required for high-productivity manufacture of composites using the HP-RTM process with epoxy resin matrix and carbon fiber reinforcement.

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