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Epoxy is a thermosetting matrix resin and among the most commonly used resin systems in the composites industry. It's frequently used with continuous carbon fiber in aerospace, race car, marine and other high-performance applications.


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Composite vs. corrosion: Battling for marketshare

Market trends and tighter budgets are helping to expand the use of composites to repair and replace corrosion-damaged infrastructure — aboveground and underground.
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Two-component epoxy for aerospace applications CompositesWorld

Master Bond reports that it has developed at two-part epoxy system for aerospace applications, called EP90FR-V.

Project Reach completes underground photographic work using CFRP boom CompositesWorld

Carbon fiber composites using No Autoclave, No Oven epoxy resin enable safe inspection of waste containers and preliminary confirmation of single container as the cause of 2014 radiological event.

Donauwörth as composites pioneer CompositesWorld

Airbus Helicopter Germany produces composite primary structure for 30+ years, first all-composite doors for A350 XWB and latest “kinked” composite blades for new “quiet” rotorcraft.

Composite tooling without oven or autoclave CompositesWorld

No Oven No Autoclave technology has been demonstrated in tooling for NASA, including multiple thermal cycles and use for curing epoxy infused out-of-autoclave parts.

The markets: Electronics (2015) CompositesWorld

Glass fiber/epoxy laminates have been the foundational structural substrate in printed circuit boards (PCBs) for decades, but its dominance is currently under challenge.

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