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Composites are used in building and construction, architecture and infrastructure applications, particularly as a reinforcing material. Lately, bridge construction has proven a particularly promising application.


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Composites help make rails-to-trails project a reality CompositesWorld

Composite Advantage's FiberSPAN fiber-reinforced polymer bridge deck helps repurpose a 107m abandoned trestle bridge in Pennsylvania.

SCRA hires Dr. Jim Sutter and announces Construct architectural affiliate contract win CompositesWorld

Sutter will oversee Mantech composite programs while Construct will build a 13m recycled carbon fiber structure using MIT RCF materials.

Part design criteria (2015) CompositesWorld

Designers of composite parts can choose from a huge variety of fiber reinforcements and resin systems. That makes knowledge of how those materials work together a critically important aspect of part development. Here's a short description of what that knowledge entails.

The markets: Utility infrastructure (2015) CompositesWorld

Seawater desalination systems, which rely on composite pressure vessels and piping systems, is poised to become one of the main alternative freshwater resources for coastal water utility companies. Electirc utilities, meanwhile, are beginning to grasp the utility of composite power poles and transmission cabling.

SOURCEBOOK 2015: The online edition CompositesWorld

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