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Composites are used in building and construction, architecture and infrastructure applications, particularly as a reinforcing material. Lately, bridge construction has proven a particularly promising application.


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Warm thoughts about architecture in cold weather CompositesWorld

Composite materials have come a long way in the architecture world and are now poised to be a major player in this high-profile, high-growth industry.

London rail station gets composite roof CompositesWorld

Two flat roof sections on London's King's Cross Station were in need of a long-term replacement and went with a glass fiber composite from Scott Bader.

Project Reach completes underground photographic work using CFRP boom CompositesWorld

Carbon fiber composites using No Autoclave, No Oven epoxy resin enable safe inspection of waste containers and preliminary confirmation of single container as the cause of 2014 radiological event.

US patent awarded for composite concrete forms CompositesWorld

System is a key component to low-cost, solar-powered and eco-friendly housing being developed by Molinelli Architects and startup ST Bungalow LLC.

Fibrelite products enable Antarctic wastewater project CompositesWorld

Composite access covers were a requirement for a treatment facility for waste at an Antarctic base.

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