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Materials used to manufacture composite components and structures must be tested, assessed and certified to meet a variety of mechanical requirements. Finished parts also must be tested to make sure they meet dimensional requirements.


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Comparison of shear-loaded compression test fixtures

Dr. Donald F. Adams compares the three basic types of shear-loaded compression test fixtures.
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Optimum unidirectional compression testing of composites CompositesWorld

Dr. Daniel O. Adams, a professor of mechanical engineering, the director of the Composite Mechanics Laboratory at the University of Utah, and VP of Wyoming Test Fixtures Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT, US) discusses the complex relationship between composite tensile and compressive properties, why that makes it necessary to perform both tension and compression testing, and how best to perform the latter.

Modular rheometers CompositesWorld

Thermo Scientific (Madison, WI, US) has introduced the HAAKE MARS (Modular Advanced Rheometer System) 40 and 60 rheometers, equipped with Connect Assist technology, first introduced with the Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester iQ rheometer.

Ultrasound inspection hardware upgrade CompositesWorld

DolphiTech (Raufoss, Norway) has released a significant hardware upgrade to the DolphiCam Ultrasound Camera and the accompanying DolphiCam Expert software.

Tecnatom dramatically improves efficiency of TTU scanning in composites CompositesWorld

Patented new squirter enables width of NDT passes to increase from 2mm to 16mm, boosting productivity while maintaining optimal defect detection.

Out-of-autoclave processing: <1% void content? CompositesWorld

Research sheds light on air and air-bubble behavior in OOA aerospace prepregs.

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