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Carbon fiber nanotubes, once the province of the lab bench, is moving into the composites production environment, providing additional strength and electrical conductivity properties in high-performance applications.


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"Fuzzy fiber" nanomaterial may revolutionize composite parts

A $3 million Ohio Third Frontier award to the University of Dayton Research Institute will fund the scale-up and production of a new carbon nanomaterial that will allow composites to “multitask.”
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Applied Graphene Materials secures first production order CompositesWorld

Applied Graphene Materials has supplied its graphene material for use in the production of a range of fishing rods.

Huntsman researching opportunities for graphene-enhanced nanocomposites CompositesWorld

The company is working on incorporating graphene into its Araldite epoxy resins.

New energy storage material for electric vehicles CompositesWorld

Penn State researchers have developed sandwich-structured polymer nanocomposites for electric and hybrid vehicle use.

Rutgers engineers use microwaves to make graphene CompositesWorld

Rutgers experts discover an easy way to make graphene for flexible and printable electronics, energy storage and catalysis.

Faster, cheaper nanomaterial safety screening CompositesWorld

UCLA develops new test to assess hazardousness of engineered nanomaterials.

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