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Carbon fiber nanotubes, once the province of the lab bench, is moving into the composites production environment, providing additional strength and electrical conductivity properties in high-performance applications.


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"Fuzzy fiber" nanomaterial may revolutionize composite parts

A $3 million Ohio Third Frontier award to the University of Dayton Research Institute will fund the scale-up and production of a new carbon nanomaterial that will allow composites to “multitask.”
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SouthWest NanoTechnologies names NanoSperse certified compounder CompositesWorld

Ohio-based NanoSperse Inc. has been named a certified compounder of SouthWest NanoTechnologies' SMW specialty multiwall carbon nanotubes, with emphasis on elastomer and thermoset resin compounds.

Haydale, Goodfellow announce agreement for graphene distribution CompositesWorld

U.S.-based Goodfellow will market and distribute U.K.-based Haydale's line of functionalized graphene nanoplatelets for composites applications.

Nanospecialist OCSiAl acquires nanospecialist Zyvex Technologies CompositesWorld

The union combines OCSiAl's large-scale graphene manufacturing capabilities with Zyvex Technologies' expertise in carbon nanotube functionalization in composites applications.

SABIC, Lockheed Martin to explore joint venture CompositesWorld

The two companies have launched a partnership to potentially develop carbon nanostructure materials for a variety of end markets and applications.

DowAksa, the Nanotechnology Center of Composites sign agreement CompositesWorld

The investment agreement, worth $4.3 million, allows cooperation and joint projects for DowAksa's carbon and the NCC's nano materials for industrial projects.

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Graphene oxide platelets Angstron Materials LLC
Nano-enhanced adhesive Zyvex Performance Materials Inc.
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