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Carbon fiber nanotubes, once the province of the lab bench, is moving into the composites production environment, providing additional strength and electrical conductivity properties in high-performance applications.


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"Fuzzy fiber" nanomaterial may revolutionize composite parts

A $3 million Ohio Third Frontier award to the University of Dayton Research Institute will fund the scale-up and production of a new carbon nanomaterial that will allow composites to “multitask.”
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CNT-enhanced prepregs: commercial & production-capable CompositesWorld

N12 Technologies’ NanoStitch and Surface Layer System (SLS) products are part of a new generation of nanomaterials aimed at delivering macro-level benefits in products produced at commercial scale.

Haydale, Huntsman to work together on graphene enhanced polymer resins CompositesWorld

The ultimate objective of the collaboration will be to commercialize graphene enhanced ARALDITE resins for a range of applications in the composites market.

SPE ACCE 2015 show report CompositesWorld

Was this the year, finally, for the big break-through for automotive composites? Maybe, depending on to whom one talked or the presentation one heard.

Haydale Composite Solutions to evaluate graphene as aircraft lightning strike protector CompositesWorld

The 18-month program will evaluate the electrical conductivity of functionalized graphene in a resin matrix for the mitigation in aircraft of electrical current caused by lightning strike.

CAMX 2015 preview: N12 Technologies CompositesWorld

Nanotechnology specialist N12 Technologies Inc. (Cambridge, MA, US) has commercialized a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)-licensed technology, called NanoStitch, to become the world's first manufacturer capable of industrialized, continuous vertically aligned carbon nanotube (VACNT) production.

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