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Infusion represents a class of closed mold manufacturing processes whereby dry fabric — carbon, glass, aramid or natural — is placed in a mold and infused with a liquid resin under heat and vacuum to distribute the resin throughout all fabric layers.


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Cutting Infusion Time And Cost

Colbond's EnkaFusion Type CX-1000 flow medium replaces traditional spiral wrap as the major resin feed line in an infusion process.

When open molders turn to infusion, careful planning, material selection and training precede process efficiency.
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Silicone sheeting for vacuum bags CompositesWorld

Rudolph Bros. & Co. (Canal Winchester, OH, US) has introduced FenForm silicone sheet for vacuum-based molding processes.

Multi-purpose tape CompositesWorld

Airtech Advanced Materials Group (Huntington Beach, CA, US) has introduced Econobreaker 2R, an inexpensive, multi-purpose, rubber adhesive pressure-sensitive tape.

NRL licenses new polymer for composite components CompositesWorld

The NRL-developed polyetheretherketone (PEEK)-like phthalonitrile-resin can be used to make composite components including aircraft, ship, automotive and wind blade structural component.

VOC-free resins for pultrusion, winding, infusion, and wet layup CompositesWorld

A new line of Advalite vinyl hybrid liquid resins from Reichhold Inc. (Durham, NC, US) are low-viscosity products designed for high-performance structural applications, including those in the automotive and wind energy sectors.

Fully automated gel coat tinting/matching CompositesWorld

Scott Bader featured the Spanish Ariane 3 Moto3 World Championship racing motorcycle in its booth, with its Crystic gel-coated and vacuum-infused carbon fiber Crestapol 1250LV resin composite body panel parts, bonded with Crestabond structural adhesive.

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