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Infusion represents a class of closed mold manufacturing processes whereby dry fabric — carbon, glass, aramid or natural — is placed in a mold and infused with a liquid resin under heat and vacuum to distribute the resin throughout all fabric layers.


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Cutting Infusion Time And Cost

Colbond's EnkaFusion Type CX-1000 flow medium replaces traditional spiral wrap as the major resin feed line in an infusion process.

When open molders turn to infusion, careful planning, material selection and training precede process efficiency.
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Digital vacuum gauge CompositesWorld

Airtech Advanced Materials Group has announced the Vac-Gauge 40D, a digital vacuum gauge used for leak detection and vacuum determinations under a vacuum bag during infusion manufacturing processes.

Infusion pressure-control valve CompositesWorld

DD|Compound (Ibbenbüren, Germany) displayed its latest resin infusion aid, the MTI valve.

Styrene-free vinyl-less-the-ester CompositesWorld

Reichhold Inc. (Research Triangle Park, N.C.) unveiled styrene-free ADVALITE at JEC Europe 2014.

GFRP enables first grid-connected U.S. floating wind turbine CompositesWorld

Composite tower on 1:8-scale system reduces hull size/weight and helps mitigate the overall cost of electric power generation.

Public transit: Modular composites update Sao Paulo ferries CompositesWorld

When the Brazilian state of São Paulo, through its state-controlled company DERSA, funded new composite superstructures for 12 existing car ferries, Barracuda Advanced Composites (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) specified materials and engineered the new design.

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