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High-performance resins like epoxy and bismaleimide (BMI) are typically cured in an autoclave under high heat in a vacuum. A new class of resins is emerging, called out-of-autoclave (OOA) resins, that are cured under heat only and thus bypass the need for vaccum.


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Microwave: An alternative to the autoclave?

Aerospace composites manufacturer GKN evaluates microwave oven practicality and cost-effectiveness.
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Carbon fibers, prepregs CompositesWorld

Hexcel is introducing several new products, including a new high-modulus carbon fiber and two new carbon fiber prepregs. Also on display will be a 400-mm thick carbon fiber laminate.

Rapid-cure, out-of-autoclave and infusion resin systems CompositesWorld

Cytec Industries Inc. will exhibit several new products, including prepregs, resin systems and adhesive technologies to reduce weight and increase performance in highly demanding applications.

The market for OOA aerocomposites, 2013-2022 CompositesWorld

In the coming decade, out-of-autoclave technologies will increase composites penetration into primary flight structures.

TenCate wins Cirrus deal for use of OOA epoxy prepregs CompositesWorld

Under the multi-year contract, Cirrus will use TenCate's TC275 out-of-autoclave (OOA) epoxy prepreg in the SR series of aircraft and the new Vision SF50 personal jet.

Wisconsin Oven breaks ground for expansion CompositesWorld

After several years of steady growth, Wisconsin Oven Corp. has begun work on a 30,000-sq-ft/2,787-sq-m addition to its East Troy plant.

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