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High-performance resins like epoxy and bismaleimide (BMI) are typically cured in an autoclave under high heat in a vacuum. A new class of resins is emerging, called out-of-autoclave (OOA) resins, that are cured under heat only and thus bypass the need for vaccum.


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Microwave: An alternative to the autoclave?

Aerospace composites manufacturer GKN evaluates microwave oven practicality and cost-effectiveness.
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February supplement: Out-of-autoclave processing for aero applications CompositesWorld

We here at CW put together a supplement published with the February issue of the regular magazine that focuses on the technologies, tools and materials being used today in out-of-autoclave (OOA) processing for aerocomposites.

Plant tour: Spirit AeroSystems: Prestwick, Scotland, UK CompositesWorld

Global aerostructures giant Spirit AeroSystems ventures into out-of-autoclave (OAA) composites manufacturing via vacuum infusion.

Oven-cure airflow monitoring system CompositesWorld

Wind-Probe LLC (Andover, MA, US) has developed an eight-channel, high-temperature airflow monitor, the Model 100, to assess the cure progress of carbon fiber composites in an oven environment.

Weiss develops custom oven for A350 XWB door fabrication CompositesWorld

Weiss Heat Technology works with Airbus to develop an out-of-autoclave (OOA) process for the fast, repeatable, cost-efficient fabrication of carbon fiber composite door structures.

Turnkey manufacturing systems: Materials, markets and maturation CompositesWorld

Automated production cells promise affordability and less risk in scaling up composites production, but are they really the path forward?

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