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High-performance resins like epoxy and bismaleimide (BMI) are typically cured in an autoclave under high heat in a vacuum. A new class of resins is emerging, called out-of-autoclave (OOA) resins, that are cured under heat only and thus bypass the need for vaccum.


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Microwave: An alternative to the autoclave?

Aerospace composites manufacturer GKN evaluates microwave oven practicality and cost-effectiveness.
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Automated composites manufacturing with cure tracking CompositesWorld

The Optibox, from Combined Composite Technologies (CCT), is a portable, self-heating, single- or double-sided mold tool with an LCD readout. Interchangeable upper tool configurations enable flexible, rigid, heated and multi-cavity functionality.

Out-of-autoclave processing: <1% void content? CompositesWorld

Research sheds light on air and air-bubble behavior in OOA aerospace prepregs.

The ends will be justified by the means CompositesWorld

CW Editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan recalls the one question he's consistently fielded throughout his quarter century in magazine editing and publishing: “Don’t you worry about running out of things to write about?” Here's his answer.

Carbon/glass fiber-based flexible heating fabrics CompositesWorld

LaminaHeat LLC (Greenville, SC, US) introduced PowerFabric, a new addition to its line of thin, flexible heating materials.

MIT develops new CNT film that can heat and cure composites CompositesWorld

Researches believe the carbon nanotube film could improve the quality and efficiency of the fabrication processes for large composites, such as wings on commercial aircraft.

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