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Balsa, honeycomb, foam and aluminum are the materials most commonly used as core in composite sandwich structures. Use of core increases thickness and stiffness of composite structures, with minimal weight penalty.


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A New Approach to Designing Lifter Cores: Dual-Rod Design

A dual-rod system

Benefits of using a secondary guide rod on lifter core assemblies.

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Flight simulator benefits from weight savings of cored composites CompositesWorld

DIAB's Divinycell core helps save 300 kg in the Reality 7 flight simulator developed by L-3 Link Simulation & Training.

Composite Essential Materials launches with Nida-Core/3M business CompositesWorld

Florida-based Composite Essential Materials announces its launch and will supply composite core materials previously provided by Nida-Core/3M.

Lugus launches Carbon-Core Corp. CompositesWorld

Jack Lugus, formerly of NidaCore, has launched Carbon-Core Corp.

PET foam core CompositesWorld

3A Composites is debuting AIREX GEN2, a completely new technology platform for PET foam core materials.

M.C. Gill announces 787 contract CompositesWorld

The company will provide fabricated floor panels, in addition to interiors, engine nacelles and secondary structures on the Boeing Dreamliner.

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PET foam core Alcan Airex AG
Core sealant, flow promoter Alcan Baltek Corporation
Cork core for sandwich panels Amorim Industrial Solutions
Perforated, nonwoven polyester core Milyon S.A. de C.V.
Fiber-reinforced core materials Milliken & Co.
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